Northgate Roundabout Cycle Lane

Posted on 7th April 2015 in News, Drivers, Motorbikes, Other Users

New state-of-the-art sensors and flashing signs.

There will be experienced cycle training taking place at the gyratory on Wednesday 15 and Tuesday 21 April (subject to building work being completed), organised by West Sussex County Council, for any cyclists who would like to be shown around the new system and for training to help build their confidence to set those lights off.

New state-of-the-art sensors and flashing signs are being added to Northgate (fire station roundabout) in Chichester. Drivers will be warned of cyclists in the cycle lane as soon as they pedal onto it. We're doing this to stop injuries to cyclists. There's going to be a lovely new green cycle lane too!

For more info visit the West Sussex Council website info page: A286 Northgate Gyratory, Chichester

  • Safer for Drivers
  • Safer for Motorbikes
  • Safer for Other Users
  • Safer Speed