Deer Aware
Posted on 22nd October 2019 in News, Drivers, Motorcyclists, All Road Users

Be Deer Aware and stay safe on rural roads

East Sussex County Council is using social media to offer simple tips for drivers to ensure they stay safe on the county’s network of rural roads this autumn. #deeraware
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Posted on 22nd July 2019 in News,

Dangerous driver convicted at court

A dangerous driver who brandished a baseball bat out of his window on the motorway has been convicted in court.
Red x 2
Posted on 28th June 2019 in News, Drivers, Business, Motorcyclists, Safety Cameras

Red X Camera

Red X Camera enforcement begins
Posted on 9th January 2019 in News, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Speed

The first Speed on Green camera goes live in Brighton and Hove

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership has now launched a new type of enforcement camera to the roads of Sussex.
Posted on 7th January 2019 in News, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Others, Speed

Speed enforcement

Police Forces across England and Wales will be carrying simultaneous speed enforcement campaigns for the coming weeks until the end of January.
Posted on 13th December 2018 in News, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Others, Speed

Drink or drive educational message continues at a pace

One of the Sussex Safer Roads partners has taken the initiative and launched a video warning about the risks and consequences of drink and drug driving over the festive period
Posted on 3rd December 2018 in News, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Others, Speed

Police launch Christmas crackdown on drink drug drivers

Jingle bells, here’s our cells, open every day; If you drive with drink or drugs, you’ll soon be on your way.
Posted on 19th November 2018 in News, Motorcyclists, Others

Road safety Week starts

This years Road safety Week started today - its theme this year is Bike Smart looking to highlight bicycle and motorcycle safety.
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Posted on 9th November 2018 in News, Speed

Community Speed Watch conference

The first Community Speed Watch Conference in East Sussex has been heralded a success.

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Posted on 31st October 2018 in News, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Speed

Public Access System

Access to see the offence details if you are caught speeding