Theatre In Education

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership delivers educational theatre performances across schools in Sussex, targeting both year 7 and year 11 students.

Year 7

Performance in Education presents -  “Streetwise”

Streetwise is produced by Performance in Education Ltd and funded by The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) for Year 7 audiences across Sussex. The show focuses on students’ behaviour and attitudes towards pedestrian road safety and is supported by a post-show workshop and follow up lesson plans. This programme aims to increase student understanding of potential hazards (with a particular emphasis on distraction) and leaves them with a set of real-life strategies to help them stay safe in the future.

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SSRP uses pedestrian casualty data for 11-14 year olds to identify the schools with a greater number of collisions involving students living within a 1.5km radius of the school site. These schools are offered an early opportunity to book a performance, and remaining slots are offered to all other schools on a first come, first served basis. There are 40 performances over 4 weeks in September and October when new students start at secondary school. WSCC and ESCC schools are allocated 15 slots each, with the remaining 10 slots offered to Brighton & Hove Schools. 



Year 11

Box Clever Theatre presents - “Passenger”
The show aims to find creative ways of making young people aware of the risks involved in travel and for the need for everyone to take responsibility for their actions.

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The Passenger

Box Clever’s innovative, powerful, passionate and thought-provoking production highlights the vitally important role that can be played by passengers to make car journeys safer.

In the interactive performance, Year 11 students are presented with three characters whose lives and journeys are intertwined in a way the audience members only gradually come to realise, as the full impact of the final, fateful journey of novice driver and passenger dawns on them. Local traffic incidents and statistics are employed to bring the action very close to home as well as characters who reflect their own attitudes, behaviour and concerns. Members of the audience are also enlisted to help to rewrite history and make car journeys safer for all in the future.



















It made me realise that I must always wear a seatbelt and stay safe on the road. Not only does it affect you if there is an accident but it affects others, parents,  brothers and sisters and teachers. Year 11, Chatsmore Catholic High School

This made me think of people in car crashes and what I can do as a passenger. Everyone has got a responsibility in a car. It was amazing and made me cry.  It is incredible what you did. Well done! Carry on performing this play and help everyone stay safe on the roads. Year 11, Bexhill High Academy

 The students were able to relate to everyone involved. This was so much better than traditional methods of presenting road safety as there was real emotion they could feed off and connect with, and the seating helped also. It was outstanding.  I have rarely seen the year group in stunned silence! Head of Year 11, Heathfield Community College

The acting was impacting, original and hard-hitting. The students were captivated. The crash scene was excellent along with the music to set the scene. This was a brilliant way to get the message across.  The message was clear and allowed the students to reflect. Their focus was amazing. Every pupil couldn’t take their eyes off the performance. Amazing, so worthwhile. The students will have had their eyes opened. Director of Student Progress, Willingdon Community School


The Passenger from Box Clever on Vimeo.