Theatre In Education

On average, 84 young people are killed or seriously inured as a pedestrian each year in Sussex. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are determined to bring this number down through education and awareness targeted at those most at risk. 

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership delivers educational theatre performances across schools in Sussex, providing informative and engaging road safety messaging for both Year 7 and Year 11 students across the county for the academic year 20/21. Working with The Rapport Group, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership delivers live events that convey vital messages through memorable, informative and fun experiences for students. 

The Rapport Group is run by communication professionals who work hand in hand with inspirational teachers all over the UK to help communicate with education professionals, pupils and families - through schools. For 27 years The Rapport Group has been moulding perceptions and achieving engagement through their dedication to creative and effective schools resources and events.


Committed to supporting schools to deliver the life saving messages of pedestrian safety to Year 7s, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and The Rapport Group are pleased to announce the delivery of a brand new pedestrian safety resources will be available for use throughout Spring and Summer terms in 2021.

Supported by multi-media video content, available online, Look Up! will focus on student behaviour and attitudes towards pedestrian road safety. This programme aims to increase student understanding of potential hazards (with a particular emphasis on distraction) and leaves them with a set of real-life strategies to help them stay safe in the future.

Secondary school is the start of true independence for a lot of young people. For most, that includes being allowed to travel to and from school without adults for the first time. And they need the skills to stay safe.

The Look Up! teaching resource covers pedestrian safety messages and behaviour and students are challenged to think about how pedestrians are seen from a driver’s point of view to aid their understanding of staying safer. They’ll learn how to spot hazards before they become dangerous and the science behind reaction times when dealing with a hazard.

Look Up! covers the following key messages:

  • Mobile phones when near a road
  • Distractions such as headphones
  • Pedestrians sharing space with other pavement users
  • Think like a driver to stay safe
  • Deal with peer pressure on journeys


The show aims to find creative ways of making young people aware of the risks involved in travel and for the need for everyone to take responsibility for their actions. The Rapport Group have tailored their resource to specifically explore the role of a passenger in staying safe in a car, especially with a novice driver. 

Knowing a driver, that isn't your parent, is exciting. Being able to get lifts, hang out with friends, have a laugh - all without relying on adults. It sounds great when you're 16. But driving is a skill, one that is learnt and improved over time, and getting in someone else's car is a choice to make. A choice that has consequences. 

In the Take A Second resource, students look at the choices they make when they get in the car with a novice driver. How much a passenger can effect safeyy in a moving vehicle is vital learning a it understanding the consequences of the Fatal Five, 

Take A Second covers the following key messages:

  • Distraction in a car can cause accidents
  • Drink and drugs impact vehicle safety
  • The physics of road traffic incidents
  • Simple seat belt safety saves lives
  • How to deal with peer pressure when you don't feel safe

Both Look Up! and Take A Second  lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive, supported by teacher notes, activity sheets and multi-media content that brings this subject to life.

For further information about The Rapport Group please call Judith Bloor on 020 8973 0040 or visit