About Safety Cameras

Fixed  -  In Sussex we use Gatso cameras which use radar to detect vehicles driving over a speed threshold and record 2 images of the vehicle.  On each image the date, time and speed is recorded we    also verify the speed by measuring how many of the white marks on the road the vehicle has passed between image one and image two. Most of our cameras are now digital and send the images via the internet to the back office shortly after the offence has been detected.   

Average Speed Cameras  -  Currently there are two permanent average speed camera systems operating in Sussex. These are located at Marina in Hastings and Marine Parade/Madeira Drive in Brighton. The cameras work by recording the time that a vehicle enters and exits the zone covered by the camera system.  Each zone is calibrated so that the distance between each camera in known and using the time recorded by each camera the speed of the vehicle between the two points can be calculated

Mobile Speed Cameras  -  Theses cameras are mounted in the hi-viz camera vans and move from location to location.  The camera operator assesses the speed of an approaching vehicle and if they believe it is exceeding the speed limit they will use the laser on the camera to verify the speed and record the date, time and speed on video.  

Red Light Cameras  -  These cameras monitor junctions and record images of vehicles which fail to stop at red lights.  The cameras are linked to the traffic signals and loops in the road which sense when vehicles drive over them.  When the images from these cameras are received by the Partnership, we can clearly see the time that the lights went amber, when they went red and when the vehicle triggered the system.

Speed on Green cameras - Sussex Safer Roads Partnership have successfully trailed a “speed on green” camera in the Brighton and Hove area of Sussex.  The camera, which was funded by Brighton and Hove City Council has been introduced to reduce speeding offences being committed at locations controlled by traffic lights and that have red light cameras already fitted.  At a number of junctions throughout Sussex some drivers are speeding up through these junctions to try to “beat” the red light. The new cameras will be equipped to detect and enforce this in the same way that a traditional speed camera works.  This portable, new technology has now been deployed from Monday the 7th January 2019 at one location in Hove where there is a history of collisions and speeding.  An initial trial period showed over 175 potential offences detected with speeds as high as 50mph in a 30mph limit recorded.  There are three locations so far which are capable of using this technology.  The ultimate aim will be to have all red light camera sites across Sussex capable of detecting speed on green offences.  The ultimate aim being to make the roads a safer place to be for all.

The gif below shows how it works.