Reporting an Incident

The British Horse Society launched the accident reporting website,, in November 2010 to try and build an accurate picture of some of the safety issues horse riders face whilst out riding. The site has been set up to enable anyone involved in an equestrian related incident (not just the rider), regardless of whether they are a BHS member or not, to quickly and easily report their problems. This is the first and only website of its kind, making it even more imperative that we gain as much information about incidents as we are able to.

There are eleven reporting forms available. They are: Equestrian Related Road Incidents, Slippery Road Surfaces, Fireworks, Low Flying Aircraft, Dog Attacks, Wind Turbines, Gates, Cycles, Equine Transport accidents, Chinese Lanterns and Bird Scarers / Gas guns.

If you have been involved in a horse riding incident please click here to report it to The British Horse Society.