COSTS - Company Operator Safer Transport Scheme

Companies with large or small numbers of vehicles owned or leased need to consider their employees' safety when on company business. Complying with road risk legislation, and getting abreast of road safety best practice, can be time consuming, especially if it's a small business needing to keep the firm out on the road and trading. If you drive a company vehicle or have responsibility for company vehicles then read on.

The benefits are not only around safety but can help the bottom line by;
A reduction in fleet downtime - Preventing loss of business through fleet unavailability - Reducing fleet repair bills - Avoiding costly increases to insurance premiums from collisions - Protecting company reputation Increasing profitability; And, most importantly, protecting the health and welfare of your employees and the public. Even for larger organisations, knowing where to start accessing either practical road safety training or management process training can be a headache with a multitude of different providers to choose from. The SSRP is able to offer free training to you and your company, with specific sessions tailored towards drivers and their managers, and are delivered at your offices during working hours.

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Lunch & Learn Driver Training sessions are aimed at those who drive for work – whether in the company van, branded car or their own vehicle (grey fleet).

There are two modules to the full Lunch & Learn experience, and the content of each can be tailored to your company’s particular needs as required. The module contents are as follows:

Module 1:

  • Road safety statistics – what’s the financial cost of collisions? How many people get injured while driving for work every year?
  • Drive stress and attitude – how these affect driving performance and risk levels
  • Vehicle advances – what’s the latest safety gear available to company drivers?
  • Driver surveys – understanding the common and shared causes of driving frustration

Module 2:

  • Speed – why do people speed? What are the consequences of excessive and inappropriate speed?
  • The two-second rule – reminding drivers what it is and why it matters
  • COAST – a coping strategy designed to help drivers increase their performance behind the wheel
  • Collision analysis – presenting a range of road collisions and examining the causes, effects and methods of avoiding similar situations.

Lunch & Learn sessions are delivered by a driver training professional or Roads Policing Officer from Sussex Police. They’re informal opportunities to help drivers increase their knowledge and skill levels, and in doing so help the company improve its road safety record.

Occupational Road Risk Policy Assessments

Does your company have a road risk policy robust enough to withstand scrutiny by the HSE (or other official bodies) should one of your drivers be injured on the road – or cause an injury to another person?
Whether your drivers are using company or grey fleet, you have a duty of care towards them and have a responsibility under the law to conduct Health & Safety assessments – your Occupational Road Risk Policy is one of these.
The SSRP has developed free Occupational Road Risk Assessments (ORR for short) to help companies implement robust policies which protect not only the drivers on the roads, but also the business itself should any incident occur.
These ORR assessments will look at a company’s existing road safety policies and practices, identifying risks that the company is facing and suggesting strategies to mitigate those risks.
Properly understanding the degree of risk posed helps to determine the right level of response, and our professional driver trainers will help you to do just that. This simple approach can result in savings on unnecessary expenditure in both time and money by reducing the number of incidents that adversely impact upon a business plan.

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