What’s Driving Us

Important Coronavirus Update 1.3.2021

Due to the current coronavirus situation, all physical classroom courses remain cancelled/closed and have been replaced by Online/Virtual Classroom Courses. We continue to assess the current position in light of government advice and that of UKROEd and we can confirm that our virtual classroom online courses will CONTINUE to be delivered.

We are currently only offering virtual courses as an alternative to the conditional offer. You may need to arrange a refund for your physical classroom course and then book and pay for your virtual course.

You can book a virtual course regardless of which police force in the UK offered you a course – just follow this link to the booking site – https://offer.ndors.org.uk  and choose a course provider to book online.  Please call us on 0330 222 8999 Monday – Friday 9.00am-3.00pm

Alternatively please book or re-arrange your course online.

You can access course bookings and course providers at https://offer.ndors.org.uk  then choose Sussex and  follow these instructions

Requirements needed to allow you to complete the online course:

Device with webcam/microphone/speakers/headphones - it is advised to have a charging lead and charging point nearby. This can be a smart phone, ipad, tablet or laptop.

Course duration 3 hours to include 10 minute break.

Steady internet connection.

Quiet room, alone with no disturbances.

Engagement will be required throughout the course.

Pen and Paper.

How do I join the course?

We strongly advise you download the ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ App in advance of joining your course.

You will receive a separate email 48 hours before your course start date/time containing the zoom joining details.

At least 10 minutes prior to the course start, open your zoom app, select ‘join a meeting’ and input your meeting ID and password.

The ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ app can be downloaded from your device’s app store or by visiting the official zoom website -  https://zoom.us/

When downloading this App for the first time, please accept their terms and conditions and give access to your camera and microphone.

Further Guidance:

For further information about the course, please follow the youtube video link below. The video will advise what you need to do in preparation for your course and also what will happen on the day:



For all new bookings please follow instructions on your course offer letter, and register your acceptance of the course offer with NDORS: https://offer.ndors.org.uk/#/home and follow the guidance to book in your preferred area or use the postcode of PO22 9RE for digital classroom courses.  If you have any questions or queries then please call our team on 0330 222 8999 Monday –Friday 9.00am-3.00pm



If you have received a Course Offer Click Here to book or re-arrange your course online.

The What’s Driving Us (WDU) Course is an educational alternative to fine and points, offered to those drivers who have been detected using a mobile phone behind the wheel, jumping a red light or committing some other road traffic offences.

By completing the Course, no points will be added to your licence, and there will be no fine either.  Once you have completed a Course, you may not take another similar course within the next three years.

How Much does the Course Cost?

The Course as delivered in Sussex costs £95 – it may differ elsewhere in the country.


How Long does the Course Last?

The Course is classroom based, lasts 4 hours and consists of an interactive road safety presentation focusing on attitudes towards driving, plus discussion opportunities.


Can I Fail the Course?

As long as you attend and participate in the whole Course, then you will not fail it.


Where are the Courses Held?

Courses are held at a variety of locations across Sussex, and you’ll get the option to choose a time that’s convenient to you.

If you need to book a Course outside of Sussex, then the information will have been sent to you in the post.  You can alternatively look at the national website to find your nearest course location.


How do I Book or Re-arrange a Course?

If you have received a Course Offer, you can book and pay for it online – details will have been sent to you in the post or through the course booking website. You can also rearrange your course booking through this website (subject to National Driver Offender Retaining Scheme Terms and Conditions). 


Forgotten what I need to Bring on the Day?

You can email the team on driver.training@westsussex.gov.uk and they will be able to assist you. You can also call 0330 222 8999 – be aware that you may have to wait on the phone for some time during busy periods before being able to speak to a member of the team.


Who Administers the Course in Sussex?

The What’s Driving Us Course is administered and delivered jointly by East and West Sussex County Councils on behalf of Sussex Police. The scheme is run in accordance with national guidelines set by the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) in conjunction with the National Association of Driver Intervention Providers (NADIP).



Vist the NADIP website for further information.