Equestrian Safety

Both cars and horse riders have the right to use the roads, they need to be aware of each other and all other road users. 

Riders should ride on the left hand side of the road near the kerb, never riding more than two abreast.  Riding two abreast is recommended if riding a young or inexperienced horse, with the more experienced horse being nearest to the centre of the road.  When traffic approaches it may be necessary to ride single file with the experienced horse taking the lead.

Some drivers aren’t aware of how to pass horse and rider appropriately. Horses are flight animals and though they are trained to be able to be ridden on roads safely, when a vehicle approaches or comes up behind them too fast or too close they may react to this and this could result in an injury to any party involved. Normally the horse rider is more than capable of keeping the horse under control, as most horses that are ridden on the roads are used to traffic.