Driving 4 Change Course

If you have received a Course Offer Click Here to book your course online

Driving 4 Change is an educational course offered to motorists, who have exhibited deficits in their skills behind the wheel, as an alternative to a potential prosecution. The aim of the Course is to help drivers understand where they might need to improve their skills to become better, safer, drivers.

How much does the Course cost?
The Course as delivered in Sussex costs £105.00 – it may differ elsewhere in the country.

How long does the Course last?
The Course is a practical on-road assessment of an individual’s driving skills which lasts 2 and a quarter hours.

Can I fail the Driving 4 Change Course?  Do I need to take an exam?
As long as you attend and participate in the Course, then you will not fail it. 

There is no exam attached to the Course, but you will need to pass a basic eyesight test to assure the assessor that you can meet the minimum sight requirements stipulated in the Highway Code

I need to book a Driving 4 Change course.  How can I do that?
If you have received a Course Offer, you can book and pay for it online https://coursebooking.sussexsaferroads.gov.uk

I have booked a Course, but forgotten my details or what I need to bring on the day.  What do I do?
You can Email the team and they will be to assist you. You can also call 0330 222 8999 – please be aware that you may have to wait on the phone for some time during busy periods before being able to speak to a member of the team. 

Who administers the Course in Sussex?
The Driving For Change Course is administered and delivered jointly by East and West Sussex County Councils on behalf of Sussex Police. The scheme is run in accordance with national guidelines set by the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) in conjunction with the National Association of Driver Intervention Providers (NADIP).  

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