About the Courses

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If we’re looking to change people’s attitudes to driving and riding behaviour, sometimes prosecution isn’t the right tool to use.

“It must be in the public interest to rectify a fault rather than punish the transgressor”
Dr Peter North, The North Report (the Road Traffic Law Review 1988).

Fines and points amount to a ‘big stick’ approach when some people might just need a nudge.

Here in Sussex, we offer a range of educational courses, designed to give offenders the opportunity to maintain a licence free from points and to get some high quality training.
Speed Awareness Course

What’s Driving You

All follow the national models, helping offenders to shift their attitudes and behaviours, becoming safer travellers as they do so.

As long as you attend the whole course and participate in the discussion you cannot fail, there is no test. However, if you fail to complete the whole course or are disruptive (the course provider will give ample advice) the option of taking a course as an alternative to a fine and points may be withdrawn but the legal process will continue.