Specials Strike Team

Posted on 13th June 2018 in blog, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Others, Speed

Strike team on speed management training

Specials volunteer in casualty reduction work.

Our Casualty Reduction Sergeant - Phil Badman is working to put together a volunteer team of Special Constables from around the county.  The aim being to provide the team with additional training in Roads Policing skills and law.  The team will capable of being deployed to areas to carry out not only educational work but enforcement activity too. 

Sergeant Badman said" Its early days with the team but we are looking to provide visible enforcement on the roads of Sussex through intelligence led deployments as and when appropriate.  Part of this deployment activity will be in support of our local Community Speed Watch Teams who are active across the county helping to keep our communities safe by influencing driver behaviour".  You will be able to follow the teams progress through this blog which will update you on what they have been doing, how training is progressing and some of the results that they manage to achieve.

The Strike Team were a visible presence supporting our Casualty Reduction Officers carrying out a Drink drive check in the Hove area on Wednesday the 20th June.  The check, which attracted media coverage through the BBC,  was in place for just over two hours.  21 vehicles were stopped with 12 breath tests administered - All those tested passed. Unfortunately 5 vehicles failed the road safety check - 2 for tyres being under the legal limit and 3 for not wearing a seatbelt. The team will be out on a regular basis over the coming weeks - next stop over the East of the county this Thursday.


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