Get Your Coat

The app that helps you get home safe and sound

The SSRP ' in conjuction with Brighton and Hove have been supporting the 'Get your Coat' App. A new mobile app that provides travel planning, reminders and support for a night out. This has been promoted alongside our 'Under the Influenec campign'

The app provides the user with:

Quick Call
Hotkeys that you set to your own contacts - choose a driver, or set your regular taxi number for easy contact.

Location Messaging
At the push of a button you can message a chosen contact, giving them your location, should you need to be picked up.

Bus / Train Timer
Get a reminder for your Bus or train times, so that you dont miss your transport home.

Quick Search
you can search for alternative local taxi numbers or public transport to where you need to go.

Safe / Unsafe Messaging
Let people know you have safely arrived, or if you're not feeling safe, that oyu need to be contacted.

Alcohol Calculator
Track your units and calories.and help keep your alcohol intake within your recommended weekly allowance.

Below is the business card sized leaflet that has been distributed accross Sussex. Download a copy here.



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