Exchanging Places

Posted on 28th June 2019 in blog,

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Large vehicles often have significant blind spots, so it is vital for cyclist that they position themselves so they can be seen.

Exchanging Places events encourage cyclists and other road users to sit in the driving seat of the cab with a professional driver. You will discover where those blind spots are,  and where the best place to be seen or overtake is. You will also be able to see the effectiveness of hi viz clothing. Collision data shows that vehicles turning left at junctions often put drivers in conflict with cyclists. Also offering advice from a cycle trainer complimenting the experience of the professional driver.

Visit the ITN Meridian News website to see a news article filmed at one of the events.

This  Metropolitan Virtual Reality film illustrates the driver and cyclist perspectives.  
It highlights the dangers around junctions and shows van and car drivers their blind spots. Although much smaller, you can see that the driver has to check before maneuvering.


Events take place across Sussex with the support of operators of large vehicles, with supplies of hi-vis materials and general road safety material. You can find out about information on local cycle training and sometimes a Dr Bike maintenance person will be there to help with simple bike checks and repairs.

Brighton & Hove  City Council run Safer Urban Driving (SUD) Certificate of Competence courses for large vehicle drivers. This is an optional module for drivers as part of their continuing training, needed to maintain approval to drive. Drivers spend half a day cycling in the city, with cycle trainers, understanding cyclists behaviour. There is also a classroom session this gives the driver an appreciation of the cyclists’ point of view, though drivers are sometimes cyclists already.  See here for more details.


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