Exchanging Places

Raising awareness of vehicle blind spots to cyclists.

Keith Baldock, the Road Safety Officer for Brighton and Hove City Council has been working with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and Lancing Driver Training to raise awareness of the "Blind Spots" that larger vehicles have and how this can be dangerous to cyclists, to also promote safer urban cycling and to encourage people to cycle responsibly.

These events, known as Exchanging Places happen on a regular basis.







The articulated truck, provided by Lancing Driver Training is parked and has a large blind spot mat (provided by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service) placed around it with cones on it in the blind spots.   Cyclists are then invited to exchange places with the driver and sit in the cab of the articulated truck and see what the driver can see and more to the point, what the driver cannot see!

Keith said, "This type of event is very much needed in a busy city like Brighton and Hove, where we have lots of cyclists and pedestrians.  The more information we can give road users, the more likely they will look to stay safe"

Watch out for new dates for these events and how to get involved.


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