The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) is continuing its work to reduce road casualties across Sussex with education, engagement, enforcement and engineering.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) brings together teams from Brighton and Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Highways England, Sussex Police and West Sussex County Council, including West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

SSRP was first established under voluntary agreement in 2007. To this date, Sussex Police host a small central team based in Shoreham which focuses on core areas of road safety, such as education, casualty reduction, safety camera enforcement and data analysis, drawing further road safety expertise from participating members from Local Authorities, Fire Service and Highways England. 

Through our work, we strive to make our roads safer and reduce life changing injuries and fatalities.  We do this by supporting education and engagement with the public, improving our roads through engineering, and enforcing road safety legislation, helping make our roads safer for all.

Education & Engagement
Using the wealth of knowledge and experience within the Partnership, we aim to provide advice and support to all road users across Sussex.  We refine and develop strategies to promote road safety and to encourage everyone to consider how they use the roads and how everyone can become safer. There are still too many collisions in Sussex, many of these preventable.  Through a range of campaigns and initiatives, we intend to raise awareness of; laws, key messages, preventative measures, information, and guidance to create safer roads for all. 

Partner highway authorities in our local Councils and Highways England undertake the engineering changes on our roads.  Understanding the causes of collisions enables us to determine and implement the best engineering solution for the circumstances, from installing a pedestrian island in the middle of a busy road to completely re-profiling a sharp bend. Engineering solutions play a vital part in making our roads safer for all, when funding and the feasibility of a scheme allows, highways authorities work on road improvements in their areas and share best practice and experience.  They continually review casualty data and identify high risk crash locations, making safety improvements where possible to reduce risk.

We believe that a high visibility approach to camera enforcement is most effective, primarily through the deployment of fixed and mobile speed enforcement operations.  In addition to camera enforcement, Sussex Police operate marked and unmarked vehicles to patrol the county's roads.  They work to reduce the ‘Fatal Five’, namely the five most common contributory factors of collisions across the UK.  

Through a range of campaigns and initiatives, SSRP raises awareness of laws and road safety advice, delivering road safety interventions in line with established data-led priorities and strategies.

SSRP utilises a variety of data sources to establish short- and long-term road safety priorities across Sussex. You can view the data on the SSRP Portal HERE

The work undertaken by the Safety Camera and Casualty Reduction teams is integral to the reduction of the Fatal Five; which are those factors that are most likely to be involved in a fatal collision, namely; collisions that occur as a result of speeding, mobile phone use, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to wear a seat belt and careless and inconsiderate driving. 

SSRP also supports Sussex Police in their Operation Crackdown programme which enables the public to report anti-social vehicle use and abandoned vehicles across Sussex. Further to this, the SSRP leads on the Community Speed Watch initiative in which members of the public volunteer their time to monitor speeds in established locations across the county with the aim to educate road users on the impact of their road use on local communities.

Most roads are the responsibility of local Highway Authorities (Brighton & Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council and West Sussex County Council). Highways England is the Highway Authority for the Strategic Road Network (motorways and trunk roads). Your Local Highway Authority are responsible for many road and engineering solutions, ranging from speed limits, road signage, and traffic calming measures. You can find out more information, or get in contact with the relevant teams, by selecting from the below link:

Brighton & Hove City Council 
East Sussex County Council 
West Sussex County Council
Highways England

If you have concerns of speeding or anti-social road use in your community and are unsure of what to do, visit the SSRP help page HERE