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Safer For Older Drivers

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Older drivers are no more likely to be involved in accidents than other road users, however the consequences in terms of death and injury can be much more serious because of their age. 

Additionally, older people can exhibit a wide range of medical conditions which affect their fitness to drive – such as eyesight issues, mobility/flexibility problems and high blood pressure.  Fitness to drive can also be influenced by the medications taken for these conditions.

Older drivers tend to rate their driving skills more highly than their actual ability, and can believe that just because they’ve been on the roads for 50 or more years, they’re the safest motorists out there.  Sadly, here in Sussex, we’re seeing more older people seriously injured on the roads each year – and many of these injuries are linked to age-related factors.

Here at the SSRP, we've developed an information resource called The Way Ahead which is designed to provide older motorists with practical advice to help them stay safer on the roads for longer, or manage the transition into retiring from driving altogether. 

In addition to information for the older driver (which can be downloaded or hard copies supplied free of charge - just drop us an email to request some), we've developed a resource for the friends and families of older motorists as well.  Often, it can be a motorist's nearest and dearest who notice changes in driving habits or patterns, but it can be hard to open up the conversation.  Our leaflet aims to help with this, as well as providing links to the Experienced Driver Assessment and other sources of support.

If you have any comments or specific questions about the issues facing older motorists, please browse this website or drop us an email - we'll be delighted to help.

In the meantime, here's our "The Way Ahead" resource, developed specifically for older motorists:


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