Safer Speed

Excessive and inappropriate speeds are the root cause of many deaths and injuries on our roads. It’s not the speed itself it’s the damage caused when vehicles and objects collide.

The vast majority of drivers recognise the need to moderate their speed and our aim is to change the behaviour of drivers who continue to use excessive and inappropriate speed.

Excessive speeds are those over the speed limit, and our work with speed cameras, other enforcement and community involvement looks to reduce these.

Inappropriate speeds, meanwhile, are often those below the limit but inappropriate for the road type or conditions – for example 28mph through heavily built-up double parked area or outside schools at the busiest times of day can be inappropriate. We use a range of advice and educational tactics to help change this behaviour.

Operation Pinocchio

Sussex Police are running a campaign that looks to tackle motorists who are trying to pervert the course of justice in regards to speeding tickets. Attempting to avoid responsibility for your safety camera offences can be done by:

- falsely nominating another person, someone who does not exist, or someone who lives abroad.
- falsely nominating an address known as a “dead letter drop”.
- accepting an offer from someone who says they can dispose of your offence in exchange for money.
- altering the appearance of the vehicle and claiming it has been cloned.

The Central Ticketing and Summons Unit have a dedicated team who looks into and reviews all correspondence in relation to motoring offences. They have access to a large number of police and commercial databases to be able to identify false claims. Once recognised, these are robustly dealt with through the court system.

Perverting the course of justice is a very serious offence which can result in life imprisonment. Being convicted of this would give you a criminal record, which would affect employment opportunities, and travel to foreign countries. Points on your licence for a speeding ticket get removed after four years, whereas a criminal record for perverting the course of justice is permanent.


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