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Map of Fixed, Mobile and Red-Light Safety Cameras in Sussex

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Map of Fixed, Mobile and Red-Light Safety Cameras in Sussex

Camera Locations

Red Light
Average Speed

01/10/2009 - 30/09/2014


Please click on a camera site or collision to view details.

Camera Details

Collision Data

Offence Data

Speed Data

Baseline Data

Baseline Speeds

Collision Details


Offence data is currently available for fixed sites only and refers to offences processed in that calendar year.

Baseline data is only available for core sites.

Data regarding personal injury collisions is recorded by Sussex Police in accordance with the DfT Stats 19 requirements. The data is supplied to SSRP by Sussex Police for use in monitoring or planning. While every effort is made to ensure that this data is accurate, it is subject to change should further information become available.

This data may not be fully validated and while every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, any statistics provided may not match those published elsewhere.

SSRP does not hold collision data where there are no recorded casualties or the incident has not been reported to Sussex Police.

This map is currently only able to show 500 points at any one time. As the number of collisions in Sussex exceeds this limit, please ensure you are zoomed in to the area of interest before using the collision layers.

Google Street View images may be out of date and show incorrect speed limits (or road images). Google are constantly updating their database.

Although we show all permanent mobile enforcement sites, those used for special/exceptional operations may not be plotted on this map.