The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) is continuing its work to reduce road casualties across Sussex with Encouragement, Education, Engineering and Enforcement.


The Partnership is made up of Brighton & Hove City Council, East and West Sussex County Councils, Highways England, East and West Fire and Rescue Services and Sussex Police. Every year in the Partnership, we refine and develop strategies in key areas to help make the roads of Sussex safer, building safer communities by sharing the responsibility and engaging with members of the public - our greatest asset in the development a safer road environment.

Since April 2015 the SSRP has been fully funded through the Speed Awareness operational surplus where drivers detected speeding are offered the opportunity to take an educational course rather than have a penalty fine and points on their license.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is lead by senior professionals from the partner agencies, working together to make the best use of resources, help reduce costs and provide a joined up service for the people of Sussex.

By using the wealth of experience within the partnership to help road users across Sussex to think about how they use the roads, what precautions they need to take to help safeguard themselves and others.

Education and Campaigning
Educating all road users is a key priority for the SSRP. Many collisions can be avoided by providing the right education to different road user groups, for example, help prepare youngsters to use the roads. Encouraging drivers to take regular rest breaks on long journeys and pedestrians and cyclists, to wear something bright or reflective on dark nights.

The partner highway authorities undertake the engineering changes on our roads. By working together they can share best practice and experience.  They continually reviewing casualty data and identify locations on the road network which would benefit from safety improvements to help reduce the risk to all road users.

Analysis of the factors involved in collisions is vitally important when identifying such areas, and feasibility studies are then carried out to determine the best engineering solution for the circumstances, from installing a pedestrian refuge in the middle of a busy road to completely re-profiling a sharp bend. Engineering solutions play a vital part in making our roads safer for all.

The SSRP includes representatives from the Accident Investigation and Prevention (AIP) teams of the three local highway authorities; Sussex Police Roads Policing Inspectors; Police Traffic Management, Highways England and the SSRP Operations Manager.

There are too many serious accidents on the roads of Sussex and excess or inappropriate speed is regularly identified as being a contributory factor. The faster you are travelling the less time you have to react in challenging driving situations.

Safety cameras and high-visibility mobile enforcement operations are two methods of helping us change driver behaviour and reduce speeds on our roads.  The SSRP has always taken a hi-visibility approach to camera enforcement.

In addition to camera enforcement, Sussex Police (the SSRP’s enforcement partner) operates marked and unmarked cars and motorcycles to patrol the county’s roads. They look out for speeding offences, anti-social drivers, those under the influence of alcohol/drugs, individuals not wearing seatbelts or those using a hand held mobile phone behind the wheel. They also target those using the roads in such a way which potentially could cause harm to themselves or others.